Ghost's "Mary on a Cross" - Sex With a Ghost Song Meaning

July 30, 2023

Originally a b-side from Ghost’s 2019 EP, “Seven Inches of Satanic Panic,” “Mary on a Cross” has become one of the Swedish rock band’s most popular tracks. With its overtly religious subject matter, cryptic lyrics, and allusions to internal tickling and oral sex, the song has evoked a variety of interpretations from listeners. Some of these interpretations have been sexy, including the idea that this song is a sex song.

Others have interpreted the song as blasphemous, since it appears to be depicting a relationship between Sister Imperator and Papa Nihil. It is also possible that the song hints at a relationship between the singer and a ghost, who supposedly provides them with sexual satisfaction. This is not the first time that Ghost has incorporated a sexy element into one of their songs. Their most recent album, ’Mask of the Apocalypse,’ included a song titled “Lotus Flower.” This song combines sexiness with religion in a way that is both sexy and disturbing.

While it is conceivable that the song relates to a sexual relationship, the lyrics also seem to have more to do with a career trajectory. The verses in the song talk about how the band has worked hard and paid their dues, even through periods of depression. It seems as though the band is saying that they used to play by the rules, but something had to change. The song could be seen as a way for the group to say that they have shed their inhibitions, and this has helped them with their current success.


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