Ghost Meaning by Justin Bieber

March 7, 2023

Justin Bieber has been releasing a lot of new songs lately and this one is no exception. It is called Ghost meaning and it comes off his new album Justice which was released in 2021. This song is quite emotional and talks about the lost love.

The song is about missing someone you love more than life itself and longs for the close connection you shared. But despite this, you cannot bring them back with you. The song also talks about the memories you had with them and how they are still alive in your heart even though they are not with you anymore.

Ghost Lyrics Explained

In the music video for Justin Bieber's new single "Ghost," he and his costar Diane Keaton are seen crooning about loss and grief. The song is about the death of his grandfather, and it's a powerful reminder that grief doesn't go away.

This song has been a hit for Justin and it's easy to see why. The song is a pop hit with a strong singer-songwriter vibe.

It is a 2 minute and 33 second song which is the sixth single off his latest album "Justice." The song has been receiving a lot of airplay and has been trending on radio stations worldwide.

The song was written by Jonathan Bellion, Jordan K. Johnson, Stefan Johnson and Michael Pollack. It was produced by The Monsters & Strangerz as well as Bellion. The song is definitely worth listening to and it's one of the better songs that he has released so far this year.


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