Getting Older - Billie Eilish Meaning It

March 7, 2023

getting older billie eilish meaning

Billie Eilish has been causing quite a buzz with her new album, Happier Than Ever. She’s released many songs off it, but one of her standouts is “Getting Older,” a very personal song that centers on the singer’s thoughts about growing older and how she feels.

Getting Older is also a very therapeutic track for the young pop star, who wrote it in a time of adversity. It’s a song that addresses her past, specifically her traumatic childhood experiences.

The 19-year-old has also opened up about her struggles with fame and the Internet trolls that seem to follow her around. She’s spoken about how being a teenager is not easy and that she had to crawl through the “underbelly” of the music industry before she reached success.

While it’s true that she has experienced a lot of negativity, she has managed to get through it and has a happy future ahead of her. She has been very vocal about the abuse that she’s faced in the music industry and has made it clear that she will not shy away from speaking out against any form of abuse.

She’s also opened up about the impact that pornography has had on her mental health, saying that it can cause nightmares and that she feels like she was “normalized” by it. She added that she felt very angry at herself for watching porn and that it has caused her to question what her body looks like, stating that it doesn’t look anything like what it should.


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