Get Your Hand Out of My Pocket Meaning

March 13, 2023

When someone puts their hands in their pocket it can mean many different things depending on how they are feeling, what is going on around them and what the situation is. It can also be a sign of status and confidence so it is important to pay attention when you see this type of body language gesture.

When a person puts their hands in their pockets they can either be thumbs out or thumbs in. Thumbs out is a more relaxed and open signal. This is sometimes seen as a friendly gesture that suggests they are open to conversation or are comfortable in a room where there is a lot of strangers.

Thumbs in on the other hand can indicate a lack of trust and mistrust so it is important to pay attention when you notice this body language gesture. If you notice this gesture you may want to take further action or avoid the person if possible.

This is a very common gesture and it can mean many things. It can be a sign of nervous jesture, if they are looking for something in their pocket, if they are uncomfortable or if it is cold outside.

Is it a sign of shyness or a lack of confidence? Or does it have another meaning to body language experts?

Unlike the other lexicographers that I have found asking about this usage, Danette did some fieldwork first and called in an expert. She discovered that people who asked about this word used it with two different meanings: One meant “unreachable,” and the other meant “inappropriate.”


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