Freefall Lyrics Meaning

January 22, 2024

Aside from showcasing the band’s signature indie-folk sound, freefall lyrics also reveal an entangled narrative of existentialism and liberation. With a veiled allegory and poignant metaphors, the song delves into an internal dialogue that echoes in many people’s lives.

This evocative and lyrical exploration of letting go is an anthem to personal freedom. It also reveals how the struggle to be authentic is a challenge that many people face. The song starts with a solitary sound of the uilleann pipes, introducing the folk fantasy melody before guitars and percussion take the lead. With lines like “cliffs unjumped, cold waters untouched / elsewhere creatures yet unseen,” it conjures images of the unknown and the fear that comes with taking risks.

The Devil is often used as a figure of temptation and sin in popular culture. The narrator’s repeated interactions with the Devil and their questions could represent a person’s attempt to reconcile their dark impulses. However, the repeated interaction and Devil’s indifference could suggest that the narrator is losing control of their situation.

Nevertheless, the Devil’s line, “Ain’t sh*t free but you can fall out” suggests that even the most powerful entities need time alone to recharge. This reaffirms that everyone struggles to be true to themselves in a society that puts a lot of pressure on people to be perfect and fit in. The song’s final lines encourage listeners to let go of their false pretenses and allow life to flow.


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