Fleetwood Mac's Seven Wonders Lyrics Meaning

January 28, 2024

Known for their mesmerizing melody and profound lyrics, Fleetwood Mac’s Seven Wonders continues to touch the hearts of music aficionados worldwide. Delving into themes of love and longing, the euphonic gem explores the mysteries of life, offering an introspective journey that leaves a lasting impact on those who lend their ears.

The song’s first verse sets the wistful tone, beginning with the nostalgic line “So long ago, certain place, certain time,” alluding to a memorable encounter that holds great significance for the narrator. The lyrics further mention that the narrator felt a connection with someone who had such intense beauty, suggesting that this moment was one-of-a-kind. It also suggests that their paths may never cross again, highlighting the narrator’s regret and sadness for such an unattainable encounter. The bridge, however, hints at the narrator’s hope and prayer, implying that they still hold on to a glimmer of faith that things will work out someday.

Seven Wonders is the second single from Fleetwood Mac’s fourteenth album, Tango in the Night, released in 1987. The track was written by Stevie Nicks alongside band member Sandy Stewart, who had already co-written three songs for her solo album, Wild Heart. The song depicts Nicks recalling a past lover, and she reflects on the beauty, excitement, and pure joy that they shared together. She goes on to say that even if she lives to see all the Seven Wonders of the World, it wouldn’t compare to the beauty of their romance.


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