Fever the Ghost Source Lyrics Meaning

March 8, 2023

fever the ghost source lyrics meaning

Fever the ghost source lyrics meaning

Los Angeles' bizarre indie progressive rock quartet, Fever the Ghost, have made a name for themselves with a psychedelic style that's reminiscent of With a Little Help From My Fwends and The Flaming Lips. Their new full-length, Zirconium Meconium, is set to hit the streets on March 2.

The band teamed up with animator Felix Colgrave for a music video that follows a cartoon man and his pet serpent who transform their hill-covered planet into a giant disco ball (+ movie). It's one of the most visually captivating animations I've ever seen.

In the words of Joanna Newsom, divorce is "a heavy thing to do." The loss is not only the absence of a partner, but it is also the weight of a home and a sense of identity. In this sense, Fever Dream reflects the aftermath of separation.

The band's lead singer, Jon Matsson, grapples with these questions on the 10-track album, which spans Brooklyn and southern Africa. It's a record where he navigates a landscape of his own making, from a featureless dark on the title track to a receding forest on "I'm a Stranger Now." The songs ask how Matsson should move through this world after a painful loss, asking him to consider if it is better to remain in the same places or venture forth into unfamiliar territory.


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