Father Figure Lyrics Meaning

August 27, 2023

Father figure is a classic, evocative song that speaks to anyone who has been in a loving relationship. George Michael’s smooth whisper singing is a perfect match for the delicately seductive lyrics, and the balance between the slow, brooding verses and the passionate chorus make the song even more resonant.

Although Michael didn’t come out as gay until after the release of the album Faith, it is clear that he was interested in men at this time. The song is about him trying to find something sacred in sexuality and expressing his desire to be the teacher and protector of his partner. The use of the word “daddy” is a gay term for an older man who is looking to be a mentor to a younger male.

The music video for the song stars a model named Tania Coleridge and was directed by Andy Morahan, who also directed videos for Wham! and the Pet Shop Boys. The video is very erotic and shows the pair in a dark, sensual environment.

The song is one of the most iconic songs by George Michael, and it showcases his talent as a singer and songwriter. The song is beautiful and emotionally resonant, and it has been covered by many different artists over the years. Father Figure is a classic that will live on forever, and it is definitely worth listening to.


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