Fallen Angel Quotes

February 13, 2023

fallen angel quotes

Often called the Devil's Angels, these fallen angels rebelled against God and were cast down to earth. They perverted their created purpose, defying God's authority and obstructing His message.

The Fallen Angel quotes that are included here were all made by artists and writers that took inspiration from the story of Lucifer falling from heaven, a story that is found in Isaiah and other Bible texts. These quotes were written to encourage those that may be struggling with sin and spiritual darkness.

Lucifer is a beautiful angel that was banished from the heavens due to his lust for power and his rebellion against God. Alexandre Cabanel uses this story as his base for his painting Fallen Angel (l'ange dechu), which features a gorgeous figure of Lucifer in a regal pose, whilst the remaining angels fly around above him.

This painting is an excellent example of the Academic style of art, which was popular at the time. This style was incredibly detailed and would have taken many months to complete, so the fact that this painting was completed in 1846 is particularly impressive.

Using a mixture of historical, classical and religious subjects, this artist was one of the most successful artists of his time. His work was largely produced in the French city of Montpellier, where Fallen Angel resides today, and his paintings would soon be sought after by high profile patrons.

These angels are the oldest of the demonic legions and were formed by God to serve both as Architects of Creation as well as Engines of Divine wrath to punish the wicked. They have become corrupted and malicious from their time in Hell, and they feel a corrosive hatred for both the Creator and humankind.


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