Fall Out Boy's "Sugar We're Goin Down Meaning"

March 4, 2023

fall out boy sugar were goin down meaning

"Sugar We're Goin Down" was Fall Out Boy's breakthrough hit. It climbed the charts and made them a household name and helped them sell millions of records. It also became their first single to reach the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 and was certified quadruple-platinum by the RIAA.

The song is also sampled by a few other bands and it's been played on a number of videogames. It's a catchy tune and was praised by Rolling Stone as the year's catchiest rock song.

It was a success that wasn't expected by the band members or their label. It was released in April 2005 as the lead single from their second album, From Under The Cork Tree (2005).

'Sugar' is the story of a socially outcast boy with antlers who falls in love with a girl. The girl's father disapproves of the relationship and tries to murder the deer-boy with a bow and arrow. The girl rescues him and the two connect, with the 'deer-boy' eventually becoming a part of the girl's family.

There's a similar story in Jeff Lemire's Vertigo comic series Sweet Tooth. The teen hero (played by Gus) meets a human girl and their romance is almost derailed by the girl's dad. In the episode's final scene, the father tries to kill Gus with a bow and arrow, but is saved by the 'deer-boy', who ultimately becomes a part of his daughter's family.

Regardless of the meaning behind the lyrics, the song has become an internet sensation and was one of the most viral hits of 2020. It's been covered by Taylor Swift, who sang it on one of her tour stops in 2011 and has been cited as a favorite by other pop singers.


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