Fall Out Boy Meaning - What Does the Lyric "You Look So Seattle, But You Feel So L.A.” Mean?

March 4, 2023

wams fall out boy meaning

What does the lyrics “you know you look so Seattle, but you feel so L.A.” mean in the song by fall out boy?

The band's lyricist Pete Wentz and frontman Patrick Stump have always been more like a pair of teenage idols than rockstars, and Fall Out Boy's rise in the late 2000s was all about their public profile. Wentz was a rapacious media whore, but his ferocious angst and his self-deprecating humour were also deeply affecting to a teen audience that could choose between him and Stump as their favorite Fall Out Boy member.

As a band, Fall Out Boy were a master of exploiting this dual polarity. They could get away with a bad-boy attitude when they needed it - "Thriller," a video featuring a naive young Kim Kardashian, was their highest-selling single to date - but they would be as vulnerable as anyone else when writing songs about buried loves and lost souls.

This dual psyche was the driving force behind their music, and they've straddled one cultural shift after another with no sign of slowing down. From the hardcore punk of American Beauty/American Psycho to the EDM of Save Rock and Roll, they have reinvented themselves time and again - sometimes sounding completely different on each album.

In the end, it's the combination of these contrasting sides that makes Fall Out Boy so good at what they do. They have a knack for writing honest and emotional music, but also for blending their emotion with a winking irony that makes it all the more entertaining. It's not easy, but they have the talent to pull it off.


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