Facts You Should Know About ATL Luxury Car Rentals

August 16, 2023

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If you stay in Atlanta, Georgia, or have been here for a special event, you probably know about the thriving ATL luxury car rental companies. These are companies that offer fleets of luxury and exotic cars for rental to people with special events such as weddings and birthday parties, events managers who want to transport VIPs, celebrities who want to shoot flamboyant photos and videos, or even individuals who want to enjoy a luxurious ride for a day or weekend.

With this, you are probably wondering what the ATL luxury car rentals look like. Knowing some facts about this these rentals will help you in making the right decisions when you need one.

There Are Many Different Cars to Rent

ATL luxury car rentals offer a diverse range of luxurious and exotic cars for people to rent. If you visit the websites of many ATL luxury car rentals, you will commonly find Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, and Ferrari models on top-tier luxury cars. The likes of Range Rover, Mercedes Benz, Aston Martin, Tesla, Maserati, Porsche, and BMW models come at a slightly lower price. You can also choose a luxury car from a fleet of classic cars, especially for weddings, photoshoots, and movies.

Most Rentals Are for a Day

Most of the ATL luxury car rentals are done for a day. Many people are looking for luxury cars to use during a special event, or even to transport them from the airport to the hotel. Booking for a single day is popular, which is why many companies only have daily rates. You can also access a calendar to fill in the date to check availability. However, it is good to be aware of the security deposit, which is equivalent to a daily rate in many cases.

You Can Request a Chauffeur

Many ATL luxury car rentals have a chauffeur on standby and you can request one when booking your luxury and exotic car. In fact, it is highly recommended that you book a chauffeur when booking cars for special events and VIP transport for convenience and safety. These professionals also reduce the chances of damage costs because they are highly trained to maneuver all Atlanta roads.

There is an Age Restriction on Many Cars

Anyone cannot just walk into an ATL luxury car rental company and get a car. Many of these companies have a policy with age restrictions for luxury and exotic cars. Some say you must be a minimum of 21 or 24 years old to rent these cars. According to experts, this is to ensure that you have enough experience handling vehicles and can probably take care of the luxury and exotic cars that come with powerful engines.

There Are Terms and Conditions to Read

All ATL luxury car rentals come with specific terms and conditions that you should read before committing yourself. These clauses cover the cost per day, security deposit, insurance requirements, damage charges, and a lot more. Once you sign, it means you are ready to comply with them. Therefore, it is recommended that you understand them well.


If you are looking for the best ATL luxury car rentals, then you need to research more and get all of the facts right. We have shared some with you and they are important when making decisions to hire your preferred luxury car.


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