Exploring the Best Online Real Estate Schools in Virginia Beach

February 21, 2024

Although there are many careers you can consider in Virginia Beach, real estate could be one of the best. Real estate is guaranteed to be an exciting and rewarding journey. However, before you can start, you need to work on getting your real estate license. As such, you ought to know about the options for real estate schools in Virginia Beach.

A quality real estate education will help you kick-start your career and provide you with the status of a legally recognized professional. Additionally, you need the license to become an agent, an appraiser, or a broker in the dynamic property market in Virginia.

With several VA-approved real estate schools, choosing the right institution for you that will provide you with a quality education may seem difficult. You need to choose a school that will prepare you to pass the exams needed to get your real estate license.

In this article, we explore online real estate schools in Virginia Beach, shedding light on what to look for when choosing a real estate course provider. We also look at the options available if you're looking for a real estate school in Virginia Beach.

The essence of accredited real estate education

Before we look at any specific real estate schools in Virginia Beach, you should understand the importance of selecting one of the VA-approved real estate schools. When you take your course with an accredited real estate school in Virginia Beach, you can be sure that the education provided meets the standards set by the state regulatory board.

A quality and accredited education prepares you for success in your real estate career. You also need a solid educational foundation to stand out in the fiercely competitive real estate industry.

Advantages of online real estate schools

As you pursue your real estate license in Virginia Beach and other nearby places like Alexandria, you can opt for in-person, online, or hybrid classes. However, taking online real estate classes in Alexandria, or in other areas has benefits, including:


Online classes are more flexible, allowing students to learn at their own pace and as per their personal schedules. You can pursue your real estate license without it interfering with other areas of your life.


Choosing an online real estate school in Virginia Beach removes geographical barriers because you can access classes from anywhere. You can access the courses from the comfort of your house, during your daily commute, or from a bustling coffee shop, etc.


Online real estate schools in Virginia Beach and elsewhere offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional education models. You don't have to pay for commuting costs, parking charges, and other costs and pay lower tuition fees.

Interactive learning

The notion that online real estate classes only offer static course content and pre-recorded lectures is untrue. Many online real estate schools, including those in Virginia Beach, leverage cutting-edge technology to offer students immersive and interactive learning experiences.

Top online real estate schools Virginia Beach

Here are some of the best online Virginia-approved real estate schools:


If you are looking for one of the best online real estate schools in Virginia Beach, don't look any further than RealEstateU. This provider’s course is among the most affordable in the state and offers amazing flexibility.

The course allows you to move through the materials as quickly as you wish. As such, it is the quickest in Virginia, with no time limits on the lessons. If you want to see what RealEstateU offers, don't hesitate to check over here.

The CE Shop

The CE Shop is another reputable provider of real estate classes in Alexandria, VA, and other areas across the state. This real estate school offers students a great learning experience using a user-friendly mobile app. The course content is high quality, and you have different package options. However, you will pay more at the CE Shop than at RealEstateU.


AceableAgent is a top real estate school in Virginia Beach. The course is well-known for keeping students well-engaged and motivated. The course comes with a top-notch test preparation plan, significantly increasing your chances of passing your exam. The only major downside of AceableAgent's course is that it is slightly more expensive than the others but this may be worth the investment!


MBitionToLearn is another provider of real estate education that is approved by the Virginia Real Estate Board. The school has an interactive platform that combines multimedia elements and practical exercises. Their learning resources give students a thorough understanding of the concepts and better chances to succeed in the VA real estate market.

Kaplan Real Estate Education

Kaplan Real Estate Education is among the trusted names in the online real estate education sector. As an aspiring real estate agent, this provider has a range of pre-licensing courses and even continuing education courses.

You can count on Kaplan's pre-licensing package, which covers all you need to pass the state exam and get licensed. It has on-demand video lectures, interactive quizzes, and expert instructors, giving students an excellent learning experience.

What to look for in the best real estate schools in Virginia Beach

Here are some of the key things to consider when looking for the right real estate school for you in VA:


You should choose a real estate school in Virginia Beach that is accredited by the relevant authorities. Accreditation guarantees that the course provider's education is of quality as it meets the standards set by the regulatory board.

Flexibility and course format

Depending on your preferred learning style, obligations, and schedule, choose a flexible course that suits all of them. You should also check that the course format works best for you, especially by going for online courses if you're busy.


While cost should not be the main determining factor, comparing various real estate education providers as you choose the best real estate school in Virginia would be best. You should consider both the direct and indirect costs. However, ensure the course gives you a good chance of passing the exam and succeeding in the industry.


You can check past students' reviews and even those from independent websites to know the school's reputation.


Are you embarking on a career in real estate in VA? It would be best to explore the various real estate schools in Virginia Beach. Consider online schools and not just in-person schools. Most importantly, check that the Virginia Real Estate Board accredits a school to ensure you'll get a quality education.

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