Every Breaking Wave Lyrics Meaning

March 8, 2023

every breaking wave lyrics meaning

A beautiful acoustic interlude that sounds like it would be at home on an Irish beach, every breaking wave lyrics meaning tells us of the majesty and ferocity of the ocean. It's a song that U2 took a long time perfecting, having been slated for No Line On The Horizon and a few times on the 360 Tour and Songs Of Innocence album before it finally got released to the world.

It's a heartbreaking song that's all about love and loss, written specifically for Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom and crafted with such care that it could have been a stand-alone track had it not been chosen as an interlude for the film. It's a lovely and evocative piece of music that you won't soon forget, even if you have to listen to it more than a few times.


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