Evermore's Midas Touch Meaning

March 7, 2023

midas touch meaning taylor swift

Taylor Swift’s newest album Evermore is another example of her love for storytelling and lyrical detail. It’s a follow-up to July’s acclaimed “Folklore,” and it showcases her mastery of mythology, fairytale visuals, and fictional narratives.

This track is full of lyrical Easter eggs. In particular, it draws on Swift’s relationship with her longtime boyfriend Alwyn, who cowrote the song and three others on this album under the pseudonym William Bowery.

The first verse focuses on Swift’s arrogant lover, who is compared to Midas, the king in Greek mythology who had a wish granted by Dionysus that everything he touched would turn to gold. At first, the king was happy with this blessing, but it turned out to be a self-imposed curse. The flowers he touched became lifeless, the foods he ate lost their taste, and even his daughter turned into a statue.

Throughout the rest of the song, Swift dives into the emotions she felt when her guy rejected her proposal and how it affected her. She mentions a joke she made in response to him telling her that the dorm they lived in at college was once a madhouse.

She also notes that he is from a wealthy family, and perhaps that is what led to their breakup. She goes on to predict that he will find the right partner for him, and she’ll mend the broken pieces of him together.

This song is a beautiful reminder that relationships are always worth the struggle, and that the pain is only temporary. It’s a heart-wrenching story that is reminiscent of many other songs that Taylor Swift has written about love and heartbreak, including “Delicate,” “Love Story,” and “Shake It Off.” If you’re looking for a good song to listen to when you’re feeling lonely, this one might be the perfect choice!


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