Evermore Meaning Taylor Swift

March 7, 2023

evermore meaning taylor swift

Evermore meaning taylor swift

Taylor Swift has always been sneaky, and she loves to include hidden meanings in her music. That's why her surprise album drop is so often the source of awe and curiosity for fans, who love to hunt for details on track by track.

The sister album to her hit July 2020 release folklore, evermore is a long-awaited follow-up that's even more mature than its predecessor (see: if you haven't listened to it yet, go do that now). It's a collection of lyrical narratives and characters that Swift has woven into the world of her songs.

While evermore has a more introspective, literary vibe than its predecessor, that's not to say it's devoid of emotion. In fact, the more I listened to the new album, the more I started to realize that this is one of her most personal and emotional albums yet.

Breakups are a big focus on the album, with Swift covering nearly every feeling possible in a relationship breakup — from heartbreak to depression and everything in between. There's a lot to unpack here, but it all works together to create a very strong and cohesive work.

A slew of different genres are featured throughout the entire album, blending country, pop, and even indie into a very cohesive sound. It's a brilliant move that helps Swift to truly bring her genius sound and story-telling to life, creating a work of art that is far more emotionally impactful than any of her previous releases.


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