Evanescence Imperfection Meaning

March 4, 2023

evanescence imperfection meaning

Evanescence imperfection meaning

When Arkansas gothic nu-metal outfit Evanescence hit the scene in 2003 with symphonic-laden single Bring Me To Life, they became one of heavy music's most influential and relevant bands. The symphonic rockers have since released four studio albums and are currently on tour. They have a diverse sound that blends classical, alternative, hard rock and symphonic music driven by singer Amy Lee's introspective songwriting and musical pursuits.

The band's latest LP Synthesis, out November 10, features orchestral reworked versions of several of their signature tracks along with two new songs. Lead single "Imperfection," which was written by Lee, confronts mental illness and suicide head-on while also reexamining the blemishes that shape our individuality.

Imperfection means something different for each individual, but it can also mean a feeling of completeness or finality that marks the end of a chapter in one's life. The video for Evanescence's new single “Imperfection” explores those emotions through a flurry of visual imagery shot in Los Angeles.

In the video, a young girl is shell-shocked after an unseen tragedy, while a bus stop on a rainy night provides the backdrop for Amy Lee's powerful voice. A pair of stirring strings unfurl over the clip, which is directed by P.R. Brown.

In the past, Evanescence's symphonic rock music has been the hallmark of their sound, but on Synthesis, the Arkansas band shifts gears to embrace electronica with a full orchestra and trip hop percussion. Amy Lee recruited producer Will Hunt and composer David Campbell to revamp older songs on the record, including breakout track "Bring Me To Life," while introducing two new tracks.


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