Epiphany Meaning by Taylor Swift

February 6, 2023

taylor swift epiphany meaning

When I was growing up I remember watching Taylor Swift's music video for her song "Speak Now", she had an army of girls on her back singing about Shoreditch and Camden. It was pretty sexist but it was also pretty awesome.

Now I'm a senior at ERHS and a big fan of hers and when I heard that she had released a new album called Folklore I was so excited. I was expecting it to be like her previous albums but I was totally surprised and completely blown away by how amazing this album is.

The songs on the new album are so deep and thought provoking. The lyrics are so powerful and the songs are written in such a beautiful way that it's hard not to fall in love with them.

There's this song on the new album that's called "Epiphany". This song seems to be referencing the coronavirus pandemic and it's so heartwarming to hear it, it's just incredible how she incorporated such an important thing into her music.

Epiphany is the 13th track on Taylor Swift's eighth studio album titled Folklore. It was written by Taylor Swift and Aaron Dessner who also produced the song.

In this song Taylor Swift reflects on soldiers and doctors who serve their country and have to see their colleagues die in war. Then she goes on to compare them to healthcare workers who work around the clock in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic. Then she explains how both soldiers and healthcare workers suffer from sleep deprivation due to their job. Then she explains that both of these groups of people are looking for that one glimpse of relief, that single moment they will be able to take their minds off the hard things they've been through and feel like they have made a difference in this world.


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