Elaine Culotti Net Worth

October 13, 2023

elaine culotti net worth

Elaine Culotti is an American businesswoman who has amassed a fortune through her various endeavors in real estate and design. A serial entrepreneur since the age of 14, she broke into the male-dominated construction business and bulldozed her way to becoming one of the industry’s top players. Her diverse portfolio showcases her ability to develop and build anything from luxury homes and casinos to hospitals.

Having an estimated net worth of $200 million, she runs her own firm that offers architectural, interior and exterior design services as well as custom furniture making. Her firm employs a team of trusted contractors, painters, and architects to produce brilliantly designed projects.

In addition to her design firm, Elaine owns 40 acres of land in California named Big Z Ranch where she partners with local farmers to grow fresh produce. Her farm-to-table initiative helps consumers cut out the middleman and get their food directly from the farmer to their doorstep.

She also revamped the historic Shepherd’s Inn in Los Angeles into a members-only club, Shep’s Club, which includes a cafe, deli, and farmer’s market. The project earned her the title of the Architect’s Architect for the year.

The real estate developer, designer and builder has appeared in several TV shows. She was a part of the second season of Discovery Channel’s ‘Undercover Billionaire,’ which challenged her to establish a new business from scratch in just 90 days. She teamed up with Grant Cardone and Monique Idlett for the show.


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