Eagles Wings Mean Strength and Courage

March 7, 2023

on eagles wings meaning

Scriptural imagery is often used to convey the idea of God lifting His people up on eagles' wings. This imagery is used to depict a loving Father lifting His children far beyond their inherent capacity, sustaining them through tribulation, magnifying their best efforts and endowing them with power to attain what He desires for them.

In Deuteronomy 32:11, Yahweh says, “I will bring them up on eagles' wings; I will carry them on eagles' wings and scatter them abroad on the face of the earth.” In Exodus 19:4, God referred to delivering Israel out of Egypt and across the Red (Reed) Sea and to Sinai as bearing them on eagles' wings. In Isaiah 40:31, God calls a people of faith to mount up like an eagle and fly high above their circumstances and tribulations.

The eagle is one of the most well-known symbols of strength and courage. It is noted for its ability to soar above the clouds and for being the fastest of all birds.

Eagles are especially admired for their tenderness and care of young. They nest up high on a mountain crag, and both parents are actively involved in the training of their young. They swoop down under the fledgling when it falters and bear it on their larger, stronger wings.

As you go about your daily life, think of all the times God has lifted you up on eagles' wings. Ask the Lord to remind you of those experiences and teach you to trust him more. And if you fail, he will provide a gracious safety net.


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