Eagles Desperado Meaning

March 7, 2023

eagles desperado meaning

Eagles Desperado Meaning

The eagles referred to themselves as outlaws in their song “Desperado.” This was an important change from their country-rock era. The song and its title track marked the first time the band consciously portrayed themselves as an outlaw group, drawing on themes of wanderlust, solitude and rebellion to create a sound that embodied their Old West-inspired vision.

Despite the band’s country-rock roots, Eagles singer Don Henley and guitarist Glenn Frey were adamant about writing songs that explored emotions in personal ways. This commitment to the craft made them one of the most celebrated and influential bands of their generation.

In a song like “Desperado,” the band’s lyrics are interpreted in many different ways, but the basic message is that we should look beyond our desires and find the real things that matter to us. They also encourage us to take risks and let someone love us before it’s too late.

“Ridein’ Fences”

Often a cowboy is known for his stubbornness and ability to get what he wants out of life. In the context of this song, riding fences could represent the hard work of checking and repairing a pasture. This type of labor can be tedious and is often lonely, but it also provides a sense of security.


The word “freedom” is frequently used to refer to freedom from oppression. However, in the context of this song, it seems as if it’s being used to delegitimize those who don’t conform to society’s norms and rules.


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