Drake's "Fair Trade" Lyrics Meaning Explained

February 13, 2023

drake fair trade ft travis scott lyrics meaning explained

"Fair Trade" is the 6th track from Drizzy's 2021 album 'Certified Lover Boy'. It features the vocals of Travis Scott and is a stand-out from this release that is quickly becoming a classic.

What Does Fair Trade Mean?

The song opens with Drake expressing his distaste for gossipers and rivals who are always trying to tear him down. He explains that these types of people are only making himself look bad, and as such it's time for them to leave him alone.

He says that he has come to know the real friends in his life, and has found solace and peace in those relationships. He's not going to let a few haters get him down, but he isn't about to settle for less than what he deserves from the music world.

Why Did Drake Feature Travis Scott On This Song?

Drake is one of the biggest rappers in the world, and his success has not come without some help. He has collaborated with a number of different artists over the years and Travis Scott is no exception to this rule.

'Certified Lover Boy' is already breaking Spotify records, and the Toronto star has promised that this will be a more focused effort than previous projects. While the 21-track LP is certainly a success ('Champagne Poetry', 'Fair Trade' and 'Girls Want Girls' all broke Apple Music's one-day song streaming record) it is also an 86-minute slog that has a few forgettable moments along the way.


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