Drake Meaning On March 14

March 7, 2023

march 14 drake meaning

The song is named after the date Drake learned that he had a son through DNA testing.

On Scorpion, fatherhood is a theme that’s repeated throughout the record. However, it’s only on “March 14” that Drake really gets into detail about what it means to be a parent.

He opens the song by stating that his parents, Dennis Graham and Sandi Graham, divorced when he was five years old. He then shares that he only spent time with his son twice, and that he’s regretful for not spending more time with him.

The song is a candid reflection on his son’s birth and how much it changed him. Ultimately, it’s a song about Drake’s own identity as a black artist and his struggle with being a single parent.

As a result, this song is probably the most important track on Scorpion. It lays bare the realities of being a new dad, and how difficult it can be to have children in your twenties.

But it also highlights the fact that despite his success, there’s still plenty of room for growth in Drake’s music career. He can still write songs that have an emotional impact on people.

One of the most touching moments on Scorpion is “March 14.” It’s a song about being a single parent that he recorded before his relationship with Pusha broke down, and it’s an honest and heartbreaking record.

The song was written months before the album, and it’s likely that it was played by Kanye West at some point before the release of Scorpion. As a result, it may be the track that got Pusha to use his information against Drake, and it might have led to him rewriting some of his own lyrics.


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