Drake Lyrics Meaning

March 7, 2023

There are a few songs on the latest Drake album that have ruffled some feathers. Whether it's Kanye West or his ex-girlfriend Serena Williams, everyone seems to have something to say about this rapper's new music.

'Jimmy Cooks' by 21 Savage and Drake is one of those songs. It features a lot of name-drops, references, threats and excitements throughout the song. It's also about establishing dominance in the hip-hop industry.

The song's title comes from a character in the popular teen drama series Degrassi: The Next Generation that Drizzy starred in for over a decade before becoming a famous global hip-hop artist.

In this track, the rapper raps about his desire to be the best rapper in the world and how he's still a work in progress. He mentions that he's a night owl and how productive he is during the nights. He also talks about his preference for romantic partners and how he only dates models.

This track was released on March 18th and has smashed all charts. It's the 11th #1 song for Drake and the 2nd for 21 Savage.

'Circo Loco' by Drake and Future is another hit from their collaboration. The song has a very tender and beautiful chorus that focuses on a love story between the rappers and their ladies.

The song tells us that their relationship has been through a lot and they've had to deal with a lot of drama. They've fought, cried and they've been through so much but in the end they've come to trust each other and know that they can wait for each other.


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