Down With My Demons Meaning

March 4, 2023

down with my demons meaning

Down with my demons means to love and accept yourself completely as you are, good or bad. It doesn’t mean agreeing with your negative beliefs or indulging your self-hatred, which is what self-destructive behavior typically entails.

Down With My Demons Meaning

It is not only beneficial to recognize and appreciate the difficult parts of yourself, but also to use these parts as a tool to help you grow into your fullest potential. If you are able to work with your demons in a positive way, they can provide you with a wealth of insights into what makes you unique and how to achieve success in your life.

Step 1: Close your eyes and relax into a state of spacious awareness. Begin to focus on your body, paying attention to the sensations, colors and textures that you notice within yourself.

Next, visualize that your body is melting into an infinite ocean of loving nectar. You can imagine this flow of nectar through your pores or drinking it directly into the demon’s ice blue body.

Then, feed the demon this loving nectar as if it were a baby, offering it to it through every single pore of its body all at once. As the demon takes it in, you can watch its appearance change.

If you notice an ally appear after the demon is completely satisfied with its nectar, then invite this ally to speak with the demon in its place. Answer the three questions the ally asks to discover what the demon needs from you: What is your commitment to it, and how will it support you?


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