Don't Think Jesus Lyrics Meaning Revealed

February 13, 2023

morgan wallen dont think jesus lyrics meaning revealed

When morgan wallen got caught using a racial slur last year, it led to him getting banned from award shows and pulled from most radio stations. His public image took a nosedive, but in the months since his controversial incident, Wallen has bounced back with some strong hits and performances.

In the latest song from his Dangerous: The Double Album set, "Don't Think Jesus," he shares a narrative about how a young country artist goes through life with ups and downs. He gets into trouble with alcohol, women and drugs, but he realizes that the only way to make it out is through faith.

He starts writing songs and ticking off all the wrong checkmarks, then he's hit with an accident that makes him think about his life, which he's now struggling to make sense of. But, he also knows that Jesus didn't get down like this, so maybe, just maybe, it will work out for him.

The singer's fans have rallied around him and called for him to stay in country music, so it's no surprise that Wallen's latest release is a resounding success. The emotional ballad topped the Hot 100 this frame, giving Wallen his first top 10 hit since 2021 -- but is it enough to feel like he's earned it?

It's a stopgap until Wallen returns with a proper single. It's also a fine tune, though, as a strong emotional song that could find some longevity as a fan favorite, especially with the strong streaming numbers this song has already garnered.


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