Do You Want to Plan a Tailgating Party with Your Dog? These Ideas Might Work!

November 23, 2023

Your dog can be your true friend in every sense, and that's why you enjoy taking him everywhere, even for tailgating. That's understandable. Studies suggest that more than 60% of pet parents involve their canines in these festivities. And with the football season on, planning anything without thinking about it can be challenging. Hence, if you wish to make the game day equally exciting for your pet, here are some suggestions.

Pet-Friendly tailgating environment

Creating the right atmosphere can make the party time enjoyable for your furry companion. Build a comfortable setup if you wish to tailgate with your dog as a priority. For this, you would need certain accessories and tools. For example, a dog needs proper hydration outdoors. You can ensure this by carrying a collapsible water container that's easy to handle. A well-hydrated dog can focus on the enjoyment. Since animals like to have space, pack their blanket or bed for relaxation. Ensure these are washable to manage spills and bathroom accidents. Arranging for shade will also be a good idea on a sunny day. A tent or an umbrella can be enough to make them comfortable.

Because there will be a crowd, keep your furry friend on a leash and harness, regardless of how disciplined it is. It is for their safety. Otherwise, they can wander off, get in trouble, or lose their way. Have some treats and toys so they are engaged. When they behave well, you can reward them. You can also use these things as a distraction technique to draw their attention away from loud cheering or fireworks.

The need to provide comfort to your pet dog when tailgating

Solid planning will allow you and your dog to have a great time outdoors. It feels safe when you create a resting area for your pet to unwind with blankets and shade in a relatively peaceful place. The dog can visit this spot if it needs downtime. Shelter protects them from overheating issues due to limited exposure to sunlight. It also prevents the risk of heatstroke in them. Since these events are a bit too overwhelming for dogs with no exposure to large gatherings, giving them familiar items such as blankets and toys will help them with their anxiety. The scent of those things will soothe and reassure them. A leash and harness will protect your dog from separation anxiety.

Another thing you must ensure is protection from fleas. With flocks of people and pets, fleas will also come. Your pet should have their flea medication to avoid any trouble. Outdoor events also add to the risk of allergies through allergens. So, prepare for them also.

Football events are also for pet friends to enjoy their time. You can include them in your parties by providing the best comfort. Get their favorite snacks, treats, and other essentials to keep them full and happy. You two can spend more time together and build a strong connection. You can plan your future outings even better after every successful experience. Your pet can adapt to this lifestyle with your care and guidance.

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