Do It Again Steely Dan Lyrics Meaning

February 3, 2024

The 1972 hit by Steely Dan has been covered by many artists including Tori Amos, Ray Charles, and Smash Mouth. The song’s timeless themes of nostalgia, escapism, and addiction have resonated with audiences for decades. The band’s iconic sound and enigmatic lyrics have made it one of their most popular songs. The do it again steely dan lyrics meaning may be difficult to decipher, but it’s an interesting track that discusses some complex issues.

The first verse mentions a man who tries to avoid his problems and hides from reality, but finds himself in the same predicament. He says that he needs to “break on through to the other side” and face his issues in order to move forward. He also talks about a “black card” that can make him money, which can be interpreted as either a reference to credit cards or a metaphor for luck.

In the next verse, he explains that his life is filled with pettiness and small things. He mentions that someone stole his water, which he finds ridiculous considering that water is an abundant commodity. He then goes on to describe how he tried to get revenge by killing the water thief, but was stopped by the justice system.

The last verse is more personal and addresses the fact that he keeps repeating the same mistakes over again. He says that he can’t escape his habits, which include gambling and infidelity. This is a bleak message, but it shows that the song’s writer, Walter Becker, wanted to warn listeners of the dangers of repeating self-destructive behaviors.


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