Dizzy Fae - Body Move Song Review and Video

July 16, 2021

dizzy fae

This is my review of the song Body Move by Dizzy Fae. Read more about the song below.

Dizzy Fae is a 20 year old singer from St. Paul, Minnesota. She is an up and coming black and queer artist who has released various mixtapes and an Extended Play.

I love when she starts of this song with her robotic voice doing the chorus. "It would be cruel if I didn't let my body move". The chorus is just so perfect, cool, and pleasing at the same time. This song makes me want to get up and dance every time I hear it. It has a very futuristic, creepy, and modern sounds to it. I say creepy in a good way. It is creepy in the sense that it sounds like a robot is singing to you at times.

This song is on Dizzy Fae's New EP Antenna. Antenna has 4 songs total on it including this absolute jam. She recently released a Ying Yang Twins Remix of Body Move with its own music video. This idea came up most likely as she references the Ying Yang Twins.

Thank you for reading about the Dizzy Fae song Body Move. Furthermore, watch the music video on YouTube below. What do you think of this song? Finally, please leave your own thoughts and comments below. Lastly, read more reviews like this one on my front page.

David Sunnyside

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