Divine Brown Net Worth - How Much Is The R&B Singer Worth?

November 17, 2023

Divine Brown Net Worth: How Much Is The R&B Singer Worth?

In 1995, Divine was caught carrying out a lewd act with Hugh Grant and shot to fame. She quickly cashed in on her moment of fame, making a fortune from TV appearances and work in the adult industry. However, nearly 27 years later she's in trouble again and could face up to 30 years in jail. She was spotted looking like a shell of her former self while chomping on a chicken wing outside her home in Atlanta on Tuesday.

Known as Divine Earth Essence, the Canadian soul and R&B singer and theatre performer is no stranger to the headlines. The Juno Award winner has a number of hits under her belt, including the 2009 smash "Sunglasses," which featured guest vocals from Nelly Furtado.

She has also won a gold album for her debut self-titled project in 2005, and a Juno Award for her sophomore album, The Love Chronicles. She's also worked with Chicago house music producer Terry Hunter, and most recently recorded a single called Angel for his upcoming project.

She and her husband, Emmy-winning screenwriter Eugene Levy, have two children, a son named Daniel and a daughter named Sarah. The mother-of-two and her husband split their time between California and Toronto, where they own a home valued at more than $2 million. They also have a condo in St. Augustine, Canada, that's valued at over $2.234 million.


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