Diana Lovejoy - Where is She Now?

September 7, 2023

Diana Lovejoy is an American national who made the headlines when she was found guilty for conspiring to assassinate her former husband. She was sentenced to 26 years in prison and was also required to compensate her ex-husband for the damages. Despite keeping details about her parents and early life under wraps, she has managed to achieve a lot in her career as a software technical writer and personal trainer.

Diana and her now-ex-husband married in 2007 and had a decent marriage until they started experiencing problems. They tried marriage counseling and individual therapy and were able to get things together. They eventually gave birth to a son but that didn’t stop them from divorcing in 2014. They were at odds over child custody as well which dragged on the proceedings.

After the court found them guilty of conspiracy to murder her husband, Lovejoy and McDavid were sent to Chowchilla Women’s prison. Upon hearing the verdict, Lovejoy fainted in the courtroom. The judge cleared the courtroom immediately so that she can receive medical attention.

Currently, Diana Lovejoy is serving her sentence at the Chowchilla Women’s Prison and will be eligible for parole in 2036. Her conviction was based on a botched attempt to murder her ex-husband and the evidence was strong enough to convict her. Her story is a tragic one but it’s important to learn from such crimes and not commit them yourself. Hopefully, this will prevent someone else from trying to do the same thing in the future.


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