Delrhonda Hood Net Worth - How Much Is Delrhonda Hood Worth?

May 17, 2023

Delrhonda hood is a well-known American Gangster and Drug Lord who has made it to the headlines due to her illegal business, fraud, gun possession and other related activities. The 57-year old lady from Detroit has been called by many names and nicknames but most commonly she is known as Big Fifty. Her partner dubbed her so because of her size and figure. The woman lived up to her name as she did a lot of big things in her life including running several illegal businesses.

She started hanging out with dancers at the local strip clubs and quickly realized that her body size could be an asset for her. She soon built up a drug empire and became one of the richest women in her neighborhood. She was eventually arrested and served some time in prison, while she was there she was diagnosed with a chronic illness dubbed as sarcoidosis.

When it comes to her personal life, not much is known about the lady as she keeps her family information private. It is known that she has two sons, named Eric and Rodney and a daughter, her name is Erideja.

Currently, the former Gangster has a moderate online presence and is working as a motivational speaker. She has also been seen on the hit show, American Gangster: Trap Queens and a documentary has been produced about her life. Besides that, she is also working on her new venture, a radio show.


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