Deftones - Diamond Eyes Lyrics Meaning

March 8, 2023

deftones  diamond eyes lyrics meaning

Deftones - diamond eyes lyrics meaning

The American alternative metal band Deftones have always been one of the most influential bands in the rock genre. They are able to blend various genres such as post-hardcore, down-tuned metal and shoegaze to create music that is extremely unique and hard to pin down.

They have always been a huge success and they are still very popular today. This is because of the diverse styles they have been able to incorporate into their songs and it has allowed them to reach a wide range of people.

Deftones have been through a lot in their career and have been through many ups and downs but they have been able to overcome them all and come out on top. This is a testament to how resilient they are and it shows how strong they are as a band.

It was during their fifth studio album 'Saturday Night Wrist' that they went through a lot of personal turmoil and tension with their bassist Chi Cheng. His health was in danger and he ended up in a coma which led to a lot of tension and stress in the band.

Their resilience in the face of this was very evident on their album 'Diamond Eyes' which showed the world that they are a resilient band. Despite the tough times they were facing at the time, they managed to put everything into their song and this was something that was truly appreciated by fans.


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