Deep Six Meaning - Marilyn Manson

March 4, 2023

Deep six meaning

Manson is known for using explicit and kinky sexual imagery mixed with dark and satanic messages in his music. His latest song, "Deep Six," is no exception to this rule.

The song is a track from his ninth album, The Pale Emperor. It was released on December 16 and features a music video directed by Bart Hess.

This song is a metal-inclined rocker with a lot of sexy elements. It was released as the second single from The Pale Emperor and it reached number eight on Billboard's Mainstream Rock chart.

In the song, Manson sings about a love affair that had an enormous impact on him. He said that this love made him into a different person.

He also mentioned that he was always susceptible to being influenced by other people. The way he explains this, is that people can have access to the singer's mind and influence him in ways he cannot resist.

The lyrics also mention that there is a key that can change the singer's life and it is very hard to control him. This line is a good reminder that everyone has the ability to make their lives different.

The song is a great example of how Manson can be very funny and creative. It also is a good reminder that you should be careful when interacting with people. The lyrics also delves into the media and how they try to manipulate people and get ratings.


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