Deep Six Marilyn Manson Meaning

March 4, 2023

deep six marilyn manson meaning

If you are a fan of Marilyn Manson, you know that his music can be a bit scary at times. That’s why it’s important to learn some of the deeper meanings behind his songs. One of these is deep six marilyn manson meaning, which focuses on the dangers that come with letting someone else take control of your life.

In the lyrics, the singer warns his betrayer that any conflict will end in their doom. In addition, the number six in each line is a satanic incantation, which represents the Beast of Revolution mentioned in the Bible.

The song also talks about staying humble and encouraging the listener to be cautious when it comes to their actions. It’s important to understand that everything in life is susceptible to influence, and it’s crucial to be careful when dealing with those around you.

Having said that, deep six marilyn manson meaning is still an enjoyable track, especially the way that the vocals are handled throughout. This makes it a nice change from the eerie, gritty music that Manson has been known for in the past.

This song also has a lot of reverb and is really well arranged. The bass and drums are both great, with a steady chugging riff that keeps the track going at a frantic pace.

In the video, Manson teamed up with visual artist Bart Hess to create a twisted nightmare that’s perfect for this gothy dance single. The vignette features a CGI corrugated black tube encasing the singer and model, which adds to its sexual connotations.


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