Debby Ryan Net Worth

March 16, 2023


Debby Ryan Net Worth: The Disney actress and singer is one of the most popular names in show business. Her career started at a young age and she has accumulated her wealth throughout the years.

Born in Huntsville, Alabama, Debby was raised in a Christian household and was trained in theaters, churches, and talent competitions. She started acting at the age of seven and was discovered through a nationwide search by Disney Channel.

During her teen years, she appeared alongside the Sprouse twins on Disney’s The Suite Life on Deck and became famous for her role as Bailey Pickett. She also starred in the Disney Channel original movie 16 Wishes, which gained huge viewership among teenagers and adults.

Her other notable roles include Jessie, Insatiable and Horse Girl. These projects helped her become a renowned actress and boosted her total estimate of Debby Ryan net worth.

She is a good singer and has a very strong vocal range. She also has a good ear for music and can perform well in any genre.

Currently, she lives in a two-story house in Los Angeles. She purchased this home in April 2015 for $1.175 million and sold it in December 2019.

The actress was previously arrested for drunk driving in April 2016, but she was released on a $100,000 bail. She later pleaded no contest to reckless driving and was sentenced to community service and a DUI program. She was then free to pursue her acting career.


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