Daylily Lyrics Meaning

January 21, 2024

The lyrics in daylily suggest that the song is about someone who has been under a lot of stress and depression and they are starting to feel better. They are stepping outside and enjoying the sunshine and warm nights, and they want to find joy in the little things. They are looking for a “pink cloud summer” filled with happiness. The song seems to be from a friend or loved one who is encouraging them to keep going and to enjoy the small moments in life.

Another interpretation is that the song is about a girl who was overprotected by her parents. She decided to run away from her home and ended up in the woods. There she met a creature that tried to hypnotize her. She realized that it was a trick and ran away. However, she stepped on cold thin ice and broke it. Afterwards, she was freed from being hypnotized and was able to go back to her home.

Finally, it could also be that the song is about a woman who was trying to fly but had wings that were too small. She was tethered to the ground, unable to leave the cage she was in. The song could be describing her feelings of being trapped in an abusive relationship. The crows in the song represent her longing to fly away and escape. The song is a reminder that even though it may seem impossible to fly, it is still possible to have hope and find joy in the little things.


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