David Zee's July 2021 Spotify Playlist

July 16, 2021

july 2021

Here is the July 2021 Playlist with my top 25 songs of the month. Please check out the list on Spotify below.

The Playlist

Details on each song

Here are explanations of each song below:

1. Billen Ted - When You're Out (feat. Mae Muller) - This song gives off a cool and relaxed electronic vibe. It sounds like many other EDM songs out at the moment with just a little extra snazziness. Lyrically, the song is playful and fun. There are times when it feels like it could have been a little better word wise, but overall it works. I love the trumpet sounds that are in the song after the chorus.

2. Dizzy Fae - Body Move - This song is simply amazing. I love the sound and how it goes lyrically. I love how Dizzy Fae's voice sounds like a robot when she sings the chorus. "It'd be so cruel if I didn't let my body move". That is the part of the song where I actually feel like it would be cruel if I did not let my body move. I want to dance so

3. Mabel - Let Them Know - Mabel is an up and coming artist who had major success with the song Don't Call Me Up. At only 2 minutes and 28 seconds, this song packs a punch with its electronic sound. This song is a great summer chill song.

4. Megan Thee Stallion - Thot Shit - Ahhh, we all love Megan! Is there anything that she can't do? After her success with WAP and Body, she has a new fresh and just as amazing song, Thot Shit. Just listen and prepared to be blown away. Keep it up Megan!

5. DREAMERS, Big Boi, UPSAHL - Palm Reader - At exactly 3 minutes long, this song is a lot of fun. You get to hear Big Boi and UPSAHL both sing in this song, which is pretty cool (to have a boy and girl duo). The song is an upbeat alternative pop/rock song with a bit of a reggae and ska influence.

What do you think?

I am not writing about the next 20 songs on the playlist but please check them out in Spotify and let me know what you think of them. Furthermore, what do you think of my July 2021 Playlist? Lastly, check out my other playlists and music news on the front page. Check out my social media as well (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter).

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