Daria and Jane Quotes

March 13, 2023

daria jane quotes

Despite being a comedy, Daria and Jane’s honesty about life and their dry and sarcastic conversations provide plenty of laughs. But it’s also a show that is brave enough to tackle the hard truths about teen life.

Daria quotes

Daria Morgendorffer is a smart, intelligent teenage girl who lives in a suburban high school with her best friend Jane Lane. They have a strong friendship that carries them through their gloomy adolescence.

When Jane’s boyfriend Tom Sloane starts to date Daria, their friendship is put on the line. Daria is rude to Tom when he first meets her and eventually agrees to be nicer because Jane needs it, even though she can see the signs that Tom is a bad guy.

It was a cliffhanger episode that nearly ended their friendship. But Daria and Jane redeemed their relationship through the end of Season 4, and even made things official with Tom in the season 5 movie Is it Fall Yet?

In addition to her strong friendship with Jane, Daria has a close bond with her brother Trent Lane. They have a mutual admiration for one another. Daria developed a crush on him during her first year of high school but did not act on it. Daria and Trent socialize together frequently, and he has a special relationship with her that is often described as trusting and confiding.

Daria also enjoys writing dark, violent fiction based on her imagination, including a few Melody Powers stories and some very lurid virus stories. These stories are a lot less sarcastic than the ones she writes in "Write".


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