Dan Crenshaw Net Worth - Age, Eye, Family, Kids, Political Views, Eye Story

May 17, 2023

Dan Crenshaw Net Worth, Age, Eye, Family, Kids, Height, Political Views, Family, Eye Story

dan crenshaw is a former Navy SEAL who currently represents Texas’s 2nd congressional district. He has endorsed candidates for president and has appeared on the Fox News program Laura Ingraham. In the 2018 election, he was a high-profile defender of President Trump’s idea to construct a border wall. In May 2019, he claimed that 80-90% of asylum seeker requests “don’t have a valid claim.” He is also a proponent of the repeal of Obamacare and has opposed the 2019 For the People Act.

Crenshaw was commissioned as an officer in the US Navy after graduating from college and served ten years in the SEALs, including five tours of duty. He was awarded two Bronze Star Medals, the Purple Heart, and the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal for valor. During an IED attack in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan in 2012, he lost his right eye; his left eye’s vision was saved by surgery. He medically retired as a lieutenant commander in 2016.

In 2022, he released the book Fortitude: American Resilience in the Era of Outrage, which sold well. He also hosts the podcast Hold These Truths. He is a Methodist and lives in Katy, Texas, with his wife. Their children are private citizens. He is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and carries a concealed firearm. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he was one of the most vocal opponents of raising the legal age to purchase guns and supported the Trump administration’s refusal to wear face masks in public settings, despite recommendations by health experts and state governors.


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