Damien Rice Volcano Lyrics Meaning

February 13, 2023

damien rice volcano lyrics meaning

Despite being a rock star and the soundtrack to many dramatic scenes on "Grey's Anatomy," Damien Rice has largely faded into musical obscurity. While his first album, O, was a huge hit in the US, its popularity has been steadily declining since it was released in 2002.

The lyrics on O are largely about the cyclical nature of love and relationships. They deal with things like time, inevitability and the fact that even when you're trying to be submissive and submit yourself to someone, you can't always be.

There are a few songs on O that deal with this, but the most obvious is probably "Older Chests." It's one of the album's most tragic and lyrical tracks--Rice's voice sounds as though it's slipping out of his mouth. It's a song about the painful cycle of waiting, wishing and hoping for change to come.

Another song that deals with this is "Cold Water." It's a piano-based number that sounds very simple and unassuming at first, but when you get to the chorus, it becomes much more complex. It's a bit of a feel-good song, but it's also quite bitter--Rice was drunk when he wrote the song, and he was writing about a girl who left him with her boyfriend after they met at a pub.

The song's title is supposedly a reference to the 1954 erotic novel Story of O, but many online debates have centered around its meaning. Either way, it's an incredibly grandiose song that combines strum guitar chords with strings, and it's a beautiful piece of music.


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