Daisy Jones and the Six - Book Review

March 4, 2023

daisy jones and the six quotes

Daisy Jones is one of the coolest, most uninhibited rock and roll stars. She lives a wild, sexy life in the 70s, stealing into clubs on the Sunset Strip and sleeping with rock stars.

Daisy gets discovered by a producer who puts her and the band, The Six, together for an album that could be earth-shattering. They become the hottest rock group in the world and make some of their best music ever.

Throughout the story, we get to hear from some of the band’s members, including Billy and Camila. We get to read their story in a very unique format as snippets from their interviews are stitched into the book.

We also learn a little bit about their families. In particular, we meet Julia. She is Billy and Camila’s youngest daughter, and she was the interviewer of all the snippets that form this fictional book.

I love reading books like this, because they tell a story in a unique way. They are not overly plot-driven, but they feel very real and entertaining.

The author is a talented writer and I loved how she captured the feel of a time and place that was very real. She also had a very distinctive voice that I loved.

I would recommend Daisy Jones and the Six to any reader who enjoys a fun, breezy story of sex, drugs and rock 'n roll. I especially recommend this book to readers who are looking for a good story to read with their friends or book clubs.


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