Daft Punk Instant Crush Lyrics Meaning

March 8, 2023

daft punk instant crush lyrics meaning

Daft Punk Instant Crush Lyrics Meaning

Instant Crush is a song released by French electronic duo Daft Punk on November 22, 2013. It was the fourth single from their highly-acclaimed album Random Access Memories.

The song was produced by Thomas Bangalter, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Julian Casablancas. It was also co-written by all three of them.

A popular interpretation of the lyrics suggests that the narrator is the one who has an instant crush on a girl, but he tries to hide his feelings from her and chains himself as a friend. Then, he eventually regrets that he missed out on the opportunity to be with her.

However, there is another more pessimistic interpretation. This version suggests that the narrator is a real loser and doesn’t want to deal with the reality of his love life. Then, he wishes that his crush had never happened.

This interpretation is probably the most consistent with the rest of the song, although some parts are still a bit ambiguous. For example, the first line of the chorus is “I remember it unlocks like a dream.”

Then, we have a line that says, “Casablancas knows he’s messed up,” and then another line that states, “He’s just too stupid to know.” I think the last line is more accurate than the first, though it’s still a bit ambiguous. It may be that the narrator is reminiscing about his time with his crush from her perspective, or it could be that he is merely reflecting on how he hasn’t really done anything for her, even after she went away.


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