Creative Date Ideas for LGBTQ+ Couples to Do This Summer

April 4, 2024

Summer is getting closer and closer, and if you're an LGBTQ+ individual, you know what it means. Not only will you be able to enjoy sunny, clear skies, but you will also be able to celebrate Pride Month along with your partner. Today, we will list some ideas you can take into account to ensure that next summer leaves an indelible mark in your mind, regardless of whether you prefer to spend time indoors or outdoors. Take a look at some fun things you can do with your partner this summer.

Go on an Island Retreat

Even if you don't live near a body of water, it can still be a great way to spend at least a tiny bit of the summer at the beach. Even better if you can spend a few days with your partner on a nice island, enjoying the beautiful scenery, swimming, and just being together, enjoying each other's company. If there aren't islands available, you can always plan your trip to one or visit one of the local lakes to make up for it. Not only will you be able to cool off and give your body a bit of a rest from the heat, but you will also be able to have a lot of fun as a couple together.

Attend a Wine Tasting

If you and your partner enjoy drinking or would like to have fun in a different way, going to a wine tasting can be a good vacation activity. It’s a classy way to spend the summer. You have the choice to go to an open-air wine tasting or attend one that is held indoors if you prefer to stay away from the sun. Either way, you can expand your palate and get to know more about wine and the drinks you can have together in the future. Alternatively, you can also attend a gay bar crawl during the nighttime if you feel like drinking a bit more and maybe exploring a bit of the nightlife of your city.

Visit a Spa

Summer can be very stressful due to the high temperatures. Even if you might have more free time, you're likely feeling stressed about certain things going on in your life. Perhaps your partner is feeling similar. In this case, why not go to a spa together and help your bodies relax for a bit? You can have a good couples' massage; you can get facials and masks, among several other things, depending on what's available at your chosen spa. There are also a couple of packages available, meaning that you can get perks if you visit the venue along with your partner.

Have a Romantic Picnic

You can take full advantage of the sun to go on a picnic with your partner and have a nice meal outside while enjoying each other’s company. Furthermore, it is quite affordable and you can organize it pretty much in any space, such as a local park or perhaps by the river. All you have to do is bring your picnic basket and a blanket, and you’re set. You can even do it multiple times throughout the summer if you feel like spending time outdoors.

Go Fruit Picking

Fruit Picking can be a fun activity, especially by the end of the summer. It can be the perfect way to say goodbye to the heat and welcome fall. You can choose from different fruits, but apples are the safest choice. Places that hold fruit picking often only charge you for the fruits you pick, and you might not even have to pay for your entry. Hence, it can be a fun thing to do for those on a budget or who wouldn't like to spend hundreds while having fun. The best part is that you'll get fresh fruit to bring home with you!


If you want to make the most of next summer, it's better to plan ahead and make sure to know what you want to do all through those months. We have listed a few ideas you can take into account for this purpose, most of them involving outdoor spaces. These activities can be a great way to strengthen your bond and keep your relationship fresh and exciting, allowing you to prosper and continue keeping the spark alive between you two.


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