Cowboys Vs Eagles Meaning

March 8, 2023

It’s Christmas Eve, and one of the NFL’s most storied rivalries is on the line. The Cowboys will travel to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles in a battle that could determine both teams’ playoff fates.

The rivalry between the two teams has been a long one, filled with legends and outlandish personalities. This is the second time these teams will meet this season, and it could be a pivotal game for either team.

Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys are on a bit of a roll at 3-4-1. They look like they are on their way to winning the NFC East title, and they have a great chance at making the playoffs.

However, it’s also important to recognize that the Eagles are in the same boat, and that they will be without their starting quarterback. Jalen Hurts will not play in this game, so it’s up to backup Gardner Minshew to lead the Eagles to victory.

Minshew has shown he can run the offense well and be effective when playing with a backup quarterback. He has a lower-body strength and frame that allows him to run the power game effectively.

He can also throw the ball well, especially when he is healthy, which will be a big concern for the Cowboys’ defense, which has been struggling to stop the run the past few weeks.

The Eagles will be looking for a win against the Cowboys to help boost their confidence and momentum heading into the final three games of the regular season. If the Eagles can get this win, they will be a lot closer to clinching home field advantage throughout the playoffs.


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