Country Music's Newest Single, "Lady May Meaning"

August 25, 2023

In “Lady May,” Tyler Childers penned a tender love song that portrays the transformative power of true and authentic love. With rustic imagery influenced by nature, mountains, religion, and changing seasons, the lyrics tell a story of a humble man’s deep and sincere devotion to his beloved Lady May.

The song starts with a scene of the singer walking down by the river. The water seems to represent the healing and refreshing effect that Lady May has on him. She makes him forget all the struggles he has faced and allows him to relax and feel free from the world. Childers then compares himself to a chisel, not the sharpest or toughest one, but still committed to her. This demonstrates his honesty and humility in love while proving that he will never give up on her.

With the third verse, he sings of his long winter until her love brought on spring and caused the mountains to blush. This shows that she is able to take the cold away from him and makes him feel warm again. He then concludes the song by comparing himself to a hickory tree, not the biggest or strongest, but always standing strong and faithful. He will not let anything take him down or pull him apart from his lover, even though she might cut her roots and cause him to fall.

The beautiful and moving “Lady May” closes out Tyler Childers’ 2017 album, Purgatory, on a serene and peaceful note. With songs like this, the singer has managed to breathe new life into country music, which can sometimes get repetitive and cliche.


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