Complete Guide to Packaging and Shipping Candles

December 1, 2023

Shipping candles may seem like an ordinary task, but it takes more to package and ship them in one piece due to their delicate nature.

In case candles break, melt, or scratch during shipping, it can highly damage your brand reputation, resulting in loss of sales and business. If you are in the business of candles, and you want to keep them safe during transit, it is a must for you to know how to package them properly for shipping.

5 Easy Ways to Pack Candles:

The packaging of candles is crucial, no matter whether you're shipping a candle to a friend or running a small candle-making business. To make the packaging task easier, we have compiled five easy ways to pack candles, and they are mentioned below:

  • Use the Right Candle Boxes for your Candles
  • Make sure to add Inserts and Crinkled Paper to the Box
  • Attach Proper Labels
  • Use Packaging Tape to Perfectly Pack the Box
  • Choose the perfect carrier for shipping.

Use the Right Candle Boxes for Your Candles

To pack candles, one thing that you should keep in mind is to choose the right box for them. Choosing the right container for your candles includes having a custom size that can fit your products perfectly and a material that can withstand any shock your package gets during transit. It all can be done when you choose to go with custom candle boxes.

Besides the packaging size, shape, and material, one thing that also sets your product apart and helps your product in shipping is its box style. The candle box comes in various styles, but for shipping, the most common and practical style is mailers. You can also use premium rigid packaging for shipping as well to enhance the unboxing experience.

Make sure to add Inserts and Crinkled Paper to the Box

The second thing on the list that you should consider when shipping your candles is to use the inserts and crinkled paper to support your candle. Using inserts can add support and help to add a premium experience to your product packaging. Furthermore, if you are shipping candle jars, wrapping them in crumpled paper will keep them from getting damaged, and your product will arrive at its owner in one piece.

Moreover, to give your brand more exposure, you may want to use promotional inserts, which include thank-you cards, vouchers, and product information. By using this as one of your candle packaging ideas, you can create an exceptional experience for your potential buyers.

Attach Proper Labels

Properly labeling your candle packaging is crucial for a smooth shipping process. Clear and accurate labels help ensure your candles reach customers safely and in pristine condition.

When designing a label, it is a must for you to include essential information like fragrance, size, and usage instructions. Clearly state any safety precautions, ensuring customers handle the package appropriately.

Use straightforward language to convey these points, making it easy for both sellers and buyers to understand the importance of attaching proper labels to ensure a delightful unboxing experience.

Use Packaging Tape to Perfectly Pack the Box

Properly sealing your candle packaging is essential to safeguard against damage during transit. Employ durable packaging tape to securely seal the box, ensuring it withstands the rigors of shipping.

Apply tape generously, especially along seams and edges, creating a reliable barrier. This simple step contributes significantly to the integrity of your packaging, enhancing the chances of candles arriving intact and impressing customers with a professionally sealed parcel.

Choose the Perfect Carrier for Shipping

Selecting the right carrier is pivotal in ensuring your candles reach customers promptly and undamaged. Evaluate carriers based on reliability, cost, and delivery speed. Consider the fragility of candles and opt for carriers with a track record of handling delicate items carefully.

Clearly communicate handling instructions on the package, guiding carriers to exercise caution. A thoughtful choice of shipping partner not only impacts the safety of your candles but also contributes to overall customer satisfaction, making it a crucial aspect of your packaging strategy.

Know the Weight and Sensitivity of Your Product:

Understanding the weight and sensitivity of your candles is fundamental to effective packaging and shipping. Accurate knowledge allows you to choose appropriate packaging materials and ensures that the chosen carrier can handle the weight and delicacy of your products.

Consider the fragility of candles and factor this into your packaging decisions. This awareness also aids in determining shipping costs based on weight brackets set by carriers. The weight and sensitivity of your product influence every aspect of the packaging and shipping process, impacting both the safety of your items and the overall customer experience.

Calculate Your Shipping Cost:

Efficiently managing shipping costs is crucial for any business. Calculate shipping expenses based on the weight, dimensions, and destination of your candles. Explore various shipping options and carriers to find cost-effective solutions without compromising on reliability.

Factor in any packaging materials costs and account for potential surcharges or fees. Transparently communicate shipping costs to customers during the checkout process, avoiding surprises and promoting trust. Regularly review and adjust your shipping cost calculations to stay competitive and ensure that your pricing remains fair for both you and your customers.


In conclusion, a successful candle packaging and shipping strategy requires a comprehensive understanding of your product's weight and sensitivity. This knowledge guides the selection of appropriate materials and carriers. Additionally, calculating shipping costs diligently helps manage expenses and maintain customer trust.

By prioritizing these aspects, you not only enhance the safety of your candles during transit but also contribute to a positive customer experience, fostering loyalty and repeat business. Stay informed, adapt to changes in shipping dynamics, and continuously refine your approach for a seamless packaging and shipping process.

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