Come Along Lyrics Meaning by Cosmo Sheldrake

March 8, 2023

cosmo sheldrake come along lyrics meaning

"Come Along" is a song by London-based multi-instrumentalist Cosmo Sheldrake. It's been featured in an Apple iPhone XR commercial and is currently number one on Spotify's Viral Chart. It's a psychedelic, kinetic tune that is sure to catch your attention.

Come Along Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics of "Come Along" speak to the importance of taking risks and going on adventures. They urge listeners to escape from the tedium of daily life and go on an adventure of exploration, discovering new things that they've never encountered before.

They also remind listeners to make the most of their time and enjoy every experience without fear or worry. This is the ideal way to live.

Sound Exploration

Sheldrake's music is often rooted in nature, whether it be singing a song from the perspective of a microscopic tardigrade or building an entire album from samples of bird calls. He takes these sounds and gives them a unique twist, creating songs that are not only unusual but also incredibly beautiful.

Linger Longer

The first song on Sheldrake's debut album The much much how how how and I, "Linger Longer" opens in a cinematic way that is maintained throughout the whole record. Filled with instrumental layers that mirror his Kusturica-like roots, it's as exploratory and adventurous as it gets.


Another song on The Much Much How How How and I, "Echolocation," is a beautiful collaboration with artist Flora Wallace under the moniker Don't. It's a haunting and beautiful track that features the chattering of pipistrelle and horseshoe bats, which are normally inaudible to humans. Sheldrake's unique sound makes these high-pitched calls sound like something you've never heard before.


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