Cinnamon Brown - Where Is She Now?

April 25, 2024

In the late 1980s, Cinnamon Brown made headlines for murdering her stepmother, Linda, in a plot that was hatched by her father. At the time, David Brown was a computer whiz with a successful business and his swanky lifestyle was funded by the multiple life insurance policies he had taken out on his dead wife. In addition, he secretly married Linda’s teenaged sister, Patti Bailey.

Patti grew up in a squalid trailer home but thought she’d escaped that kind of life when she moved in with her sister’s idyllic family at age 11. But she was wrong. Patti soon became brainwashed by David and his daughter and started working with them to kill her sister.

The night of Linda’s murder, Patti woke up to the sound of a gunshot. In the next room, Cinnamon stood over her with a handgun. During questioning, Cinnamon admitted to shooting her stepmother and took the blame. But investigators knew there was more to the story.

The police uncovered a series of inconsistencies and continued to investigate the case. They also found that Cinnamon was coached by her father on how to draft suicide notes for after the murder. As a result, Cinnamon was convicted and sentenced to 27 years-to-life in CYA. But she would reveal that her father masterminded the murder and coerced her into taking the fall for it. Ultimately, both David and Cinnamon were arrested. David died in prison in 2014 and Cinnamon was released from the reformatory after serving seven years. She is currently living in Orange County and works at a clerical job.

David Sunnyside


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