Chicken Train Song Meaning

March 13, 2023

Chickens are quirky creatures that make for good fodder for a song. They are also a popular topic of conversation, so it’s not surprising that some songs have chickens in them.

The most famous of these songs is Train’s 2001 hit “Drops of Jupiter.” But what did that really mean? Frontman Pat Monahan recently stopped by BuzzFeed New York to explain.

1. Cinderella’s Mouth Tastes Like Chicken

The aforementioned song is about a fairytale character who has a mouth that smells just like chicken, and her narrator thinks it’s the best thing ever.

2. Jump Off The Hoe Train

This song features a slew of ridiculous dance moves and some pretty hilarious lyrics, including “You knees start wiggling all over the place,” and “Tears will be shed.” It’s also the most cheesy of the chicken-related songs we’ve found.

3. The Funky Chicken Metrics

This odd-looking song is a fun little number that includes some pretty simple and repetitive lyrics about a mother chicken. But if you look closer, it’s actually a clever ode to the humble hen.

4. The Oom-More Metrics

This oddly shaped country song is about a chicken that has one leg, so it’s a nice touch to have the title mention this little fact.

5. Chicken Town Metrics

This one’s a bit of a hoot, but it does have a few good quotables. It’s a cute little song about an odd ol’ town that is full of chickens, and its most notable quote is about the train that takes your chickens away.


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